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The Church — Happenstance
Album: Untitled #23
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Total ratings: 27

Released: 2009
Length: 4:16
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When the distant charge of love is felt
And the fruit is heavy on the vine
Rivers rushing as the snow it melts
I should take some time
Really make you mine

Such a charmer

Like an extinguished star
You're gone yet still remain
And you've taken it so far
Return to outer space

If I lay me beside you
Your golden hair frozen

Such a charmer

Close your eyes in the dark
And open up a door
You feel the energy arc
You're not here anymore

When the honeyed days of love return
And the king is drunk upon his throne
City's empty and the crystal burnt
I should take some space
Be with you some place

When the hopeless nights of love have gone
And the spirits are still within the trees
And we're running back to Albion
I should take some chance
Given happenstance

Such a charmer
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I love The Church but this just does not work for me....sounds unfinished.
was I the first? {#Devil_pimp}