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Cloud Cult — You'll Be Bright (Invocation p.1)
Album: Light Chasers
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Total ratings: 464

Released: 2010
Length: 3:54
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All the things you'll love,
All the things that may hurt you,
All the things you shouldn't do,
And all the things you want to...
They're calling your name...travel safely.

Every first kiss, every crisis, every heartbreak and every act of kindness...
They're calling your name...travel safely.

Every empire, every monument, every masterpiece and every invention,
They're calling your name...travel safely.

I found stars on the tip of your tongue.
You speak Poltergeist, so do I. So do I.

What comes will come.
What goes will go.
The wind will blow where the wind is blowing.
Let go of where you think you're going.
We'll never know why it flows where it's flowing.

We've always been what we will always be.
I'm so convinced we have to get there, we can part the sea.
So bring the dead to life, turn your blood to wine.
All your life you have waited for this moment to arrive.

And you'll be bright.
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Love this more and more... I think it takes hearing in the context of this operatic album of a spiritual journey to fully appreciate it. 
I've never seen such an even ratings distribution for a song on RP, I actually like Cloud Cult and this album but not one of my favorite tracks off it, I put it at a 7.
These guys are getting too much air time recently - they are not great and I've been hearing them about everyday it seems! And it's not like I listen THAT much to RP.....alot, but not THAT much! {#Cheesygrin}
 Bone wrote:
Cloud Cult should be spelled 'PSD'.

This song gives me goosebumps. The good kind {#Dancingbanana_2}
I've always really enjoyed these guys here on RP, but I have a totally newfound respect and love for them after seeing them live a year ago. Incredible musicians! 
I think that the more RP listeners complain about Cloud Cult, the more I dig them! (Cloud Cult, I mean.) I also dig everything about them. Oh and I've seen them on two different tours and they blew me away. So much to love with Cloud Cult!
Cloud Cult should be spelled 'PSD'.
Nothing about this material interests my ears, sorry.  1 and PSD for this bloke.
I can't explain it, but i like the singer's 'nervous chihuahua' voice
...oh, this is nice after cosmic love...
 appy_monkey wrote:
Chiwawas are nervous dogs.
If Chiwawas could sing, they would sound like this guy.
I don't like Chiwawas.

{#Lol}   {#Clap}
 WayUpNorth wrote:
Polyphonic Spree? {#Think}

A teensy bit.

I dig this band a lot more than Polyphonic Spree, tho.

Meh.  Sounds like Modest Mouse.
 Marcuse wrote:

And while we're at it, can we make "please make it stop" stop? Anybody?

From your first post, complaining about those who vent in this forum:

Quite the playpen of insecurity and a sad need for validation.

Quite the hyperbole, I'd say. I'm sure there are instances of this, but for the most part it is people that are passionate about the music they love (or hate).  If it bothers you so much, why don't you simply listen, rather than read?

Perhaps it is because you've engaged in that which you criticize.

chun chun chun chun
whine whine whine
complicated for complication's sake 
Have I mentioned how much I HATE this band? Oh yes, I have. Nothing has changed, except maybe I hate them MORE! I don't know if I've ever hated any music more than this band. If I could get my hands around this singer's neck, oh the joy I would feel.

Does not sound like Slayer.
Chiwawas are nervous dogs.
If Chiwawas could sing, they would sound like this guy.
I don't like Chiwawas.
 chyk5 wrote:
I knew my positive review of another song on this CD would have consequences. Please make it stop.
And while we're at it, can we make "please make it stop" stop? Anybody?
I knew my positive review of another song on this CD would have consequences. Please make it stop.
I think my favorite part of this song, apart from the beat, is the line "Travel safely." Weird story:  Mom and Dad always had a ritual. Whenever Dad was going somewhere, Mom would tell him to drive safely.  It was part of their routine.  When my brother got his driver's license, he was incorporated into that directive.  One day, Mom was distracted and didn't tell Dad to drive safely before he left the house.  He came home with a speeding ticket.  The one time she neglected to tell my brother to drive safely, he was in a wreck on his Harley (not his fault) and broke his thumb.

So - I like this song because of the "travel safely" line.  And a lot of other things. {#Sunny}
Cloud Cult shines brightly on this release. Move toward the light. {#Sunny}
How terrible-terrible-terrible!


ha! just this minute finished downloadin' this album!
{#High-five} lovin' it!

Still have a love hate relationship with this
Admittedly, it bleeds into Muse-esque dramatics, but ultimately I dig it. 20 years of listening to classic rock radio in the car has made me grateful for the bands that stretch the boundaries a bit.

Ewwwww. Super lame sell-out sound. I'm surprised this passed the RP filters.
Polyphonic Spree? {#Think}

I'd be brighter if this song would end. No need for p. 2.{#Naughty}

For sure, I wouldn't like to listen part 2.

I had never heard of Cloud Cult before RP.  Now, I have them on my list of music to invest in when I have some disposable income.  I really, really love their sound! {#Dancingbanana_2}
Apparently Bill agrees with me that Florence and The Machine sounds a bit like Cloud Cult <.<...
I was under the impression they broke up. Finding out the new album comes out in two weeks absolutely makes my day. Fantastic band! Great song.
The desperation in this guys voice is exhausting.
Hmmmm, not to sure about this one yet...