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Throwing Muses — Devil's Roof
Album: Hunkpapa
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Total ratings: 47

Released: 1989
Length: 3:37
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I have two heads
Where's the man, he's late
One burns, one's sky
Where's the man, he's late
I'm two headed one free one sticky
But is it freedom can burn?
Is sticky ever blue?
For instance where's my husband?
This is what I need why I can't stay
God, this is the devil too bad he's late
I love the smell of beer
The smell of dar, the feel of dark, to feel the rug
To press the rug beneath me
A small party
but is it sinners can burn?
I hear we let them speak
For instance where's my husband
If you're my husband I tell you something
Dance on the devil's roof
Under a devil's moon
I don't care and you don't move
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throwing up? oh I get it fling this.............
Just me, or is there present here much more than a passing nod to the B-52's, particularly in the vocal phrasing?
Had to like this, always did believe in throwing Muses off the roof and the devil be damned.
I've always loved Throwing Muses and this song in particular. Thanks for surprising me with this on a gray day.
Wish this one had been kept OUT of the playlist.... yuck
"I have two heads. Where's the man?"

Wow. {#Think}
Wasn't that outlawed?
YEAH, Go Kristin!