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Album: Quicksilver Messenger Service
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Total ratings: 138

Released: 1968
Length: 12:03
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Can you hear it in the morning, it sings the golden song,
I saw his moving ever on the run, from and to the sound of one
Turning in, turning out, spirals high, never down,
Wonder, wonder wanders, loving, loving lovers,
Freefall, tumbling walls, one world, one one truth,
If if it's above life is low, life is slow,
Love is life, it's love, love.
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Love RP and the diversity of songs they play.  And I usually keep my comments positive but can't with this one.  Sorry.  One of the most horrible songs I've ever heard in my life.
So I am actually playing this right now.  It is the last song on side 2.

I came here to look at the comments just because I had the 12 minutes to kill.

Yeah, it's dated, but when you play the whole album and get to this track you're kinda in the mood by then and it is easier to let it finish playing rather than get up and rudely stop it by lifting the needle abruptly.  Such was the day and as it is with vinyl.

Or as with many albums you only played one side because the other side was like this.

I'll still give it a 6

Oh man, is there some melody and structure to this cliched '69 stoner dreck? Gimme me some fresh air. 
I heard this tune 40 years ago joining this parties where long self rolled cigarrettes became en vogue for the first time. Being awake here this times later circle closes. 
I guess they just don't get it. No use trying to explain it to them. This is a 10~ TEN~ all the FICKIN day long. {#Notworthy} I DO remember seeing them and they never failed to blow me away. What I wouldn't give to go back in time for a few shows...
Ah, come on guys. You can't invent music like this. Think of how novel the LP still was in 68, how original it must have still seemed to drop acid and jam put half a side. I love the history of it. And now that I've heard it I can go back to never hearing again.
 Monkeysdad wrote:
....an attempt at something.
It wouldn't be so bad if they could get just get to the musical point. 
Nostalgic...but awful.
Several times sixteen and never been stoned! Love this song, can't explain, I think it's love.
phineas wrote:
Another example of relativity --- that's the longest 12 minutes and 9 seconds I've ever experienced.
and about 10 minutes 8 seconds too long.....
I had to change my rating - a 2 was just too generous.
Another example of relativity --- that's the longest 12 minutes and 9 seconds I've ever experienced.
rgj13 wrote:
Okay, these guys must have been so baked when they laid this one down.
4.7! Oh no. All their fans must be too stoned to vote! =P~ (Hey - stop dropping your rating. I can't edit this note forever - this was a 5 when I starting writing this note!) (Not again!)
Ok, Derek. . . time for your solo. Jazz Odyssey . . . . come on crank it to 11. It's a sell-out show here . . . never mind the hecklers . . . they're here for the puppet show. . . .
Okay, these guys must have been so baked when they laid this one down.
pocke wrote:
Hi there ! Thanks for playing such extremely good stuff ! Especially Quicksilver - I bought this rcord in the early 70?s, and I nearly had forgotten it. I think this gives me reason to dig in my vinyle collection. Who knows what i may find. Rock on ! :)
This was my kind a music at the time and I knew of QMS, but somehow I never caught them. I dig it! Of course, they still haven't gotten to the lyrics....... I don't know about the lyrics, but the voice isn't exactly Caruso. It isn't even me in the shower.
....an attempt at something.
This is my all time favorite Q.S. song! I haven't heard it in years. I bought the best of but of course the best song wasn't on it.
Fantastic! A classic instrumental from yesteryear! This is why I lsten to RP! From the comments below, I guess "they had to be there", but weren't. Maybe they're listening to the wrong radio station!
\"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated\" I couldn\'t like this if my life depended on it. I am not a rock n roll Borg....
This is awful.
You know, I thought these guys were pretty good. But *this* song...ewww.
Boy, I wish I could like this but I think it\'s horrible...really horrible!!!
A stellar piece of music... even with the vocals. :D