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About RP
Radio Paradise is Old Fashioned Radio for the 21st Century
Each hour of music is carefully blended together to flow smoothly between different musical styles & genres - just like real DJs used to do on FM. We don't use the computer-generated playlists or "carefully researched music libraries" that have sucked the soul out of FM radio - and we never just throw songs together at random the way many web stations do.

We also depend on input from you to help fine-tune our music mix. If you hear something that you feel strongly about (either positively or negatively), please take a moment to rate and/or post a comment on that song. Just click the song title anywhere on our site or the heart icon on the web player.

We'd also love to hear from you if there's an artist you don't hear, but think would fit in with our music mix. You can do that (or register your opinion on songs others have suggested) on our Submissions page.

If you have questions about RP, you can email us via the links below - but check our FAQ page first. It contains answers to a lot of the most frequently-asked questions about RP.

We'd also like you to keep in mind that we get a lot of email every day. We appreciate email that is brief (like 2 - 3 sentences) and to the point.
Contact Info:
Programming/Technical: bill@radioparadise.com
Business/Music: rebecca@radioparadise.com
Merchandise: orders@radioparadise.com
Station Info:
Radio Paradise got its start in Paradise, California (hence the name...). Paradise is a peaceful little town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, far from the big city stress & turmoil. Our goal is to bring a little Paradise into your life, wherever you're located.

The station is run using an innovative programming automation system designed by Radio Paradise's Bill Goldsmith. Our web stream originates in San Diego, CA (with a backup source in Santa Cruz, CA). Our primary web servers are located in Dallas, TX.

Our audio relay servers are located in Dallas, Seattle, Virginia, London, Germany, and Australia. They all feature high-speed redundant Internet connections to keep the music flowing smoothly.

Our music library is stored as lossless FLAC files, and we take great care to provide the highest fidelity audio possible.