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David Bowie — Velvet Goldmine
Album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
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Total ratings: 85

Released: 1972
Length: 3:04
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You got crazy legs, you got amazin' head
You got rings on your fingers and your hair's hot red
You got the width of my tongue name on the sun
I clutch you close to my breast
Cause you're the only one, who uses school to pleasure

You make me act real gone, you make me troll along
I had to ravish your capsule, suck you dry
Feel the teeth in your bones, heal ya head with my own
Why if I don't have you whole, is that your final love?
Here all together

Velvet goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, panther princess you must stay
Velvet goldmine, naked on your chain
I'll be your king volcano right for you again and again
My velvet goldmine

You're my taste, my trip, I'll be your master zip
I'll chop your hair off for kicks, you'll make me jump to my feet
So you'll give me your hand, give me your sound
Let my sea wash your face, I'm falling, I can't stand
Oooh! Clutch your makeup!


Shoot you down, bang bang


(hum) Velvet Goldmine (repeat)
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please, play this :)))))
play this....
Velvet Goldmine...hmm, could be the name of Scott Weiland's NEXT band...
8) A (somewhat related) movie too...
I love it. A hell of a lot of fun. And I love when Bowie sings those low notes.
It pains me to give Bowie a 3, but this doesn't do a thing for me.
Still releasing cutting edge, ahead of his time music...to this day. He is Unbelievable.
I was blown away when I heard this for the first time. I could not stop humming the tune. It seems odd that it did not make it on Ziggy. I would have rather have it than say "Hang on to yourself".
Jeffrey wrote:
I don't remember this being on Ziggy Stardust. . .
It wasn't. I had this on the LP RARE. -Adrian
It looks like it's on the 30th anniversary CD w/ Bonus CD
I don't remember this being on Ziggy Stardust. . .
Uh, I thought this was Peter Wolf. Never heard before.
ouch no thanks Bowie is many times good, but this has not aged well...
ObsidianInfinity wrote:
I hate you David Bowie.
I hate you David Bowie.