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Grateful Dead — Just a Little Light
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Is there some point you are trying to make? It sounds like you are jealous in that you didn't think of operating your own internet radio station.
Never did like Brent's piano. I didn't care for his voice either. This song is WAY too overproduced for my taste. Give me the raw Dead anytime, mistakes and all. It is a shame how he died at such a young age.
I was never crazy about Brent Mydland\'s addition to the Dead. This song to me is definitely a throw-away. Dont like his voice either.
great to hear some lesser-known dead tunes. keep \'em comin!
An obscure, but good Dead tune. Brent added a lot to the group while he was here, IMO. My favorite of his is \"I Will Take You Home.\" I can\'t verify, but someone told me that one was written to sing to his daughter.