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Bruce Cockburn — My Beat
Album: Anthing Anytime Anywhere
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Total ratings: 48

Released: 2002
Length: 4:31
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Past the derelict mattress
and the overgrown pavement
over the tracks
and through the hole in the fence
Past graffiti-bright buildings
and the junkyard alarm bell
and the screaming police cars
and it's all present tense

It's my beat
In my new town

Past the drunk woman reeling
with her bag of provisions
Down through the tunnel
with the stink-fuming bus
On to the bike path
where it's something like freedom
and the wind in my earring whispers
Trust what you must

It's my beat
In my new town

Ancient and always
The wheel's ever whirling
Today I'm riding
Tomorrow I walk
Step through forever
into this very moment
The heart is pumping
and the heart rocks

It's my beat
In my new town
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I actually like it better when he doesn't sing. All of his instrumentals are great, but, it all goes to hell when he sings. 
Too much airplay, getting tiresome.
I was told the back ups are by Patty Griffin.... I like this song too, but I am hearing it too much - I want to keep liking it!! :(
Originally Posted by Leslie: Pretty much everything from Bruce is great.
And pretty much everything with Emmylou doing backup is great too. :)
Pretty much everything from Bruce is great. This is no exception. Sounds like Emmylou doing the backup vocals. I LIKE :p