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John Lennon — Woman
Album: The John Lennon Collection
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Total ratings: 126

Released: 1970
Length: 3:19
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@wpost said: “Lennon did some remarkable, innovative stuff. But this is just pop pap” Clearly your opinion is in the minority, my dude - this tuneful tune has an average rating of 7.3 😆
Lennon did some remarkable, innovative stuff. But this is just pop pap.
From this:
Lennon Cool
To this:
pajama boyI
in one song
"Woman" is from John Lennon and Yoko Ono's album Double Fantasy, released in 1980...  this song is a heartfelt message from John to Yoko...

everybody in my homeless camp loves this song, and this album...

OK, so, I got this on PSD.  Great song.  10. 

Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon Magical Mystery Tour set by rising70


John Lennon - Live in New York City (1972) 

"The next song is one of those many songs of ours that get banned.
It's something Yoko said to me in 1968.
It took me till 1970 to dig it."

"Mccartney es mejor cantante tecnicamente, pero lennon tenia la voz mas tierna y melancolica de la historia, asi como tambn podia ser irreverente y protestante, lennon es mejor compositor sin duda alguna, recuerden que strawberry fields, i am the walrus, lucy in the sky..
Las canciones mas innovadoras y avanzadas de los Beatles fueron compocisiones de Lennon"